Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Floss run

I was able to make a quick run for embroidery supplies over the long weekend. I tried out a new craft store -- which shall remain nameless, because I thought it was rubbish and I don't want to be nasty, or you know, get sued -- and I picked up a few floss colors that I needed to replenish:

I really enjoyed experimenting with some twisty floss at the embroidery class I took on Saturday, so I grabbed some bold red and a rich dark brown to play with:

I'm really psyched to try out my new disappearing ink pen.

I can sketch an embroidery design on fabric and it will either disappear all on its own in 48-72 hours (if I use the purple ink), or I can erase it with water (the blue ink). You didn't think I'd just start doing willy-nilly free-hand stitching without some kind of safety net, did you?

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