Saturday, February 20, 2010

Palm Pre

My commute this past week didn't afford me as much cross-stitching time as I would have liked; I was too busy pfaffing around with my stupid new Palm Pre. I've been a Palm devotee from the very beginning, and have owned the original Palm Pilot, the Palm III, the Tungsten, and most recently, my beloved workhorse, the Treo:

To my surprise and enormous disappointment, the Pre has turned out to be a colossal bucket of fail in every respect, from the initial data transfer, to the sluggish performance, and the pathetic battery life. I was wooed by its sexy appearance, and thought that I'd be zipping along on the Metronorth each day, happily writing blog posts:

...but I'm pretty sure now that this is not in the cards for me and the Pre. I'm thinking about defecting from Palm to the Droid -- comments?


  1. Too bad! It's so terribly cute and chic! And that little mirror is beyond...