Saturday, March 27, 2010

Embroidered easter egg

Since Easter will be here soon, this week I whipped up a little free-hand embroidered Easter egg.

Here it is hanging out in our Easter basket with the plastic eggs:

On the pink side I did a little fern stitch, some running stitch, backstitch, lazy daisies, satin stitch, and of course, blanket stitch on the edge:

On the purple side, I wanted to experiment with some new stitches, so I tried out sheaf stitch (there in the middle), and open cretan stitch (on the top and the bottom). I saw both of these stitches in Jenny Hart's Embroidered Effects. I've also got a little chain stitch (my favorite stitch of all), some more small satin stitch circles, and a bunch of french knots, which I really needed to practice.

We've got our basket, a package of Peeps, and now this embroidered egg. I'd say we're nearly ready for the Easter bunny's visit. Bawk bawk!

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