Saturday, April 24, 2010

Phil Collins

If you saw my recent post about the Genesis lyrics I am stitching up these days, you may have already figured out what I am about to confirm: I am a huge fan of Genesis and Phil Collins. And even though Phil has put out some absolute rubbish material in recent years (yes, I'm talking to you, Testify!), I am still pretty much shamelessly and rabidly into his music.

Which is why I am sitting here on this beautiful Saturday morning, glued to my laptop, awaiting 10 AM when I can log in and purchase tickets to see Phil at Roseland this June. Phil is doing these shows in connection with his forthcoming album titled Going Back, which will include the Motown and soul covers that influenced him as a young man.

Phil as a young man. (image via

This will be my sixth time seeing Phil in concert, and I'm just as stoked to see the mind-blowingly talented percussionist Chester Thompson at this show as well. I'm off to get the tickets now!

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