Monday, June 7, 2010

Crane/stork scissors

I have pretty much always wanted a pair of those beautiful, gold- and silver-colored bird scissors used by embroiderers, but I never got around to tracking down a pair. 

You can imagine my delight when we stopped by my in-laws' place for a quick visit this weekend, and my wonderful mother-in-law hooked me up with these beauties:

Aren't they gorgeous? I'm not sure if they are meant to represent a crane or a stork -- perhaps I'll have to do a little internet research later on to see what I can learn about their history. Either way, I will be looking forward to using these every day!


  1. I have an antique pair that I have listed in my shop. They are storks and here is their interesting history

  2. Hey Kathy! The scissors in your shop are very cute! I'm really going to cherish mine. And thanks a million for the link! They couldn't have a more interesting history, could they?

  3. Hi! I've come across your blog. Very nice! And what more, I see you had the same dream about the crane scissors as I have:-). I've read your post and got really excited! You have exactly the same scissors I'm dreaming about for ages. I live in the Czech republic and there are none like these. Could you, please, tell me who is the manufacturer, what is the name/number of the product. Or could you, please, possibly tell me, where did you get them from? I'd love to contact the shop, if they could sell them to me, I could pay via Paypal. Oh, that would be just wonderfull. Hope you understand my desire:-). Thank you in advance for your help. Have a beautiful day. Svatia

  4. Hi Svatia! Welcome to my blog -- I'm so glad you like it! My scissors were a gift to me from my mother-in-law, who had them for many years. They don't have a manufacturer or name on them. But if you go to, and do a search for "crane scissors," you'll find several pair that you can buy. Here's one of them: