Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Antique embroidery

We strolled around Cold Spring, NY this past weekend and I found some neat old embroidery pieces in the antique shops there:

Please forgive the lousy cell phone photo -- it reads: 

E.H.B. 1932

I really liked this blackwork piece:

I also saw a very sweet antique plate that read: "When two fond hearts unite -- the yoke is easy -- the burden light." I wasn't able to get a decent photo of it, but I thought it might be a cute saying to stitch up as a sampler myself. I guess this will have to go on the (growing!) project idea list...


  1. Hi there! I love your blog, and I must admit that you really fast in making works! How could you have so many current projects in the same time and finish them so fast?

    PS: I never heard about blackwork before, so thanks for the link to the wikipedia. It's very amazing! :)

  2. @Tonia: Thanks! I could spend all day browsing in antique shops for things like this!

    @Cassle: Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment! I have a pretty long train commute every day, and it gives me lots of time to work on my needlepoint. I'm trying to pick my next project now, actually...

  3. Hi there! I can't wait to see more updates with your work, so please take some photos of them when you get the time. :)

    Is it hard to stitch while traveling with a train? I mentioned that you use hoops, but do you have any special equipment to help you stitch? I don't know the train's situation there, but here, it's a rather bumpy road than a smooth steel! LOL.

  4. Oh one more thing... I know it might sounds silly, but could you please teach me how to wind the bobbins so tidy like you done for the banner? :) Thanks.. :)