Saturday, August 14, 2010

2nd wedding anniversary gifts!

Two years ago on August 11th, Steven and I got married!


Last year was our "paper" anniversary, when Steven gave me a gorgeous book that he made for me, and I gave him some bird prints from the very talented Josh Brill of Lumadessa.

The second anniversary is for cotton. We have a cotton-themed collaborative art project in the works but in the meantime, we gave eachother a couple of little cottony gifts to hold us over until that's done. 

Steven picked my gifts up at the marvelous Clay, Wood and Cotton, right here on Beacon's Main Street. We *love*love*love* letterpress, so I wasn't surprised that he chose this sweet card from Ink & Wit:

And this adorable pillow, made by Diane Patmos (you can check out her etsy shop, called snowdrop, here!):

As you may have read in earlier posts (here and here), Steven and I are a little crazy about owls. So I decided to give him an owl card from the Natural History Museum:

...and an owl plushie that I picked up from one of my other favorite Beacon shops, the echo boutique and toystore:

Happy second anniversary, honey!


  1. Happy Anniversary Heather! As for your comment on my blog, I am so happy you liked the pancakes. My son asked me this morning if there were any more leftover and I had already eaten them...oops! Thank you for the suggestion on the soy sauce/fish sauce. I can't have soy or dairy and my husband can't have gluten due to Celiac. I am a vegetarian, but I wouldn't say I am strict about it. I appreciate the suggestion on the fish sauce.

    I hope you two have a great day!

  2. You two are just too adorable for words! And the really weird thing is that I think that the previous comment was directed to me? Is that even possible?

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Awesome!!! Happy Anniversary to you!! :D