Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reclaimed Vintage Dress Fabric

Earlier this month, I found a phenomenal vintage dress in a local shop. It didn't fit me very well, but I fell in love with the fabric and the shop owner graciously dropped the price until I couldn't resist it. At first I thought about taking it in until it was my size. But after examining the dress more closely, I decided to rip it apart at the seams and harvest the fabric to sew it into something else. 

I'm still in the ripping phase, but I thought I'd give a little peek at it while I'm figuring out my next move:

Pretty fun, right? 

It's been a few years since I tried to sew anything major, but I've really been drawn to any craft ideas that involve sewing lately. And I've got lots of inspiration for this project. I'll never forget the beautiful brocade outfit that Michelle Obama wore on inauguration day:


And of course I drool over the examples on Mad Men:



But I know my sewing skills are too rusty to make anything as elaborate as the items above! So maybe a pencil skirt like this one?


I could order this vintage pattern to get me started:

via, seller bluettecourt

Wouldn't my fabric make a festive skirt for an upcoming holiday party? Wish me luck!

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