Friday, December 24, 2010

Last three handmade tree ornaments!

I've got three more handmade tree ornaments to share before Christmas comes tomorrow!

My mom crocheted this rose ornament at least 25 years ago. It has a tiny music button inside that is still working after all these years! It plays White Christmas when you press it:

I made this one when I was a little kid. I am pretty sure this was from an ornament kit that someone had given to me. 

Here's another one made by my mom. She stuck some pins into a bit of styrofoam, and then wove her orange and gold embroidery floss around it to create an ornament frame. Clever, right? This is one of my favorites because of the cute photo of my little bro in the middle.

Soon I'll reveal the tree itself! Merry Christmas eve, everyone!

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