Saturday, April 23, 2011

Owl-themed baby shower!

I haven't blogged a thing in over two months! 

Between a crazy period at work and a computer on the fritz, pulling together crafts and writing about them has taken a back seat for a bit.

But I was working on one big project that I pulled together a few weekends ago: an owl-themed baby shower for dear friends Maureen and Laura. 

It was a lovely day and I'm thrilled to share some of the crafty details here.

It started with the invitation 
(with thanks to my graphic designer hubby, 
who turned my scribbles into something presentable):

I decorated with an orange, yellow 
and green color scheme:

(By the way, these Martha Stewart tissue pom poms 
are super-easy to make!)

These silk flower arrangements were the 
first craft project I pulled together for the big day:

Parties make Sassy a little grumpy. 

Everyone knows I've caught the owl fever that's going around, 
so I was pretty psyched to make these felt owl brooches 
as shower favors for our guests:

We had some special little girl guests at this shower, 
so there were felt owl barrettes for them: 

Guests were invited to note some words of wisdom 
for our expectant moms. 

I think the wisest contribution came 
from one of our little well-wishers: 
"Give the baby chocolate milk each morning."

Words of wisdom were hung on this little tree I fashioned 
from branches from around our yard, a little floral foam, 
some spanish moss and a yellow bucket from A.C. Moore:

 Here's the growing pile of baby gifts:

 Of course it wouldn't be a baby shower without some yummy cake. 
Our wonderful friend Patti contributed this gorgeous carrot cake:

I didn't get around to snapping my own photos 
of the other things we noshed on, 
but here are the links in case you want 
to sample them for yourselves:

Here's our lovely group while presents were opened:

I can hardly wait for June when the guest of honor will arrive!


  1. Wow! Shelly, this looks amazing! What a fabulous shower...I'm sure everyone had a, ummm...hoot!:)

  2. what a wonderful looking shower. i totally love the owl theme and all the decorations you did. the brooches are simply lovely!
    i'm sure your guests were quite pleased and so you should you be.

  3. The owls broaches are adorable!

  4. Now THAT'S a baby shower! WOW!

    Love it all.

    (Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice to - virtually - meet you!)

  5. oooh! how fab is this.... I have a total OWL OBSESSION!