Sunday, June 26, 2011

National HIV Testing Day -- June 27, 2011

I've mentioned before that I like to cross-stitch on my long daily commute into New York City, but I don't think I've ever said what it is that I do at the end of that trip each day. Since 1995, I've been working in human services and public health, and my work has been focused specifically on HIV/AIDS prevention, testing and treatment for the last five years.

Tomorrow is a big day for those of us who work in HIV, because it's National HIV Testing Day. 

Take the Test, Take Control. National HIV Testing Day – 6/27/2010

On National HIV Testing Day, we make a special effort to make sure that EVERYONE knows how important it is to know their HIV status by getting tested. 

If you'd like to find a free HIV testing location near you, just stick your zip code in below and hit SEARCH:

I am fortunate enough to do this work with a pretty incredible team of people, so I have stitched up some red ribbons that I'll be giving out to my awesome colleagues tomorrow:

HIV testing is quick and easy! Even President and Mrs. Obama have done it:

Don't delay! Take the HIV test today.


  1. The buttons are great, that must have taken so long! A great post, overall! I think people are still not aware enough that HIV and Aids are a very dangerous reality everywhere, and not just a problem in developing countries.

  2. Thanks for visiting again, Annika! The buttons did take a good amount of time, but it feels great to turn my commuting hours into something nice that I can share with others. You are so right about HIV/AIDS still being a serious problem. But there have been SO many treatment advances over the 30 years of this epidemic. When in treatment, folks with HIV now live long & healthy lives! So our work is often very hopeful now.

  3. superbe boutons j aime bisessssssssssss

  4. What an excellent design to stitch! Your colleagues must have been very touched.