Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Pattern Download on Fourteen Countess!

For some time, I have been wanting to digitize my cross-stitch patterns (I sketch my ideas with graph paper and pencil) and make them available to others. I finally sat down and worked out a simple process using a very basic design, my recent HIV/AIDS awareness ribbon. I wanted to share this one first because I knew it would be the easiest to create, but also because I thought folks might be interested in making use of it for charitable fund-raising purposes. It can be stitched in any color you like: red for HIV/AIDS, pink for breast cancer, the options are endless!

I've added a new page called Free Downloads where this free pattern can be found and downloaded. 

Under the Creative Commons license that I recently created for the blog, folks are free to share my work and create works derived from it for non-commercial purposes, so long as an attribution is given to Fourteen Countess. Enjoy!

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