Monday, July 11, 2011

Leafy cross-stitch quartet, part 2: the oak leaf!

I recently shared a maple leaf cross-stitch here, the first in a series of four leafy embroideries. 

The second piece of work in this quartet is an oak leaf. As with my maple leaf, I had good reasons to pay homage to the oak. If you have been following along here for some time, you may remember that in February of 2010, our home had a close encounter with an oak tree following an especially fierce, Hudson Valley blizzard. Here's how our house looked when it was over:

Thank goodness for those power lines! If the tree hadn't landed on them, 
it would have dropped straight down -- onto our car!

To give you a sense of what the storm was like, we felt like it went like this:

OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it was a rough night.

Anyway, she was a beautiful old tree, and once I got over my annoyance at her uninvited visit (and the ensuing insurance company interactions that were needed to clean up her mess), I really was sad that she wasn't around anymore.

So here's my little memorial to the oak tree that mercifully did not crush our car and gave us a little excitement in our first winter in the country.

Fresh out of the hoop.

Close-up of the stitching.

All framed up and ready for hanging!

And the next leaf I'll share will be the birch leaf!

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  1. Weather can be scary! I like your leaves, though. Are you going to show us all four of them together on your wall when they're ready?

    P.S.: I received a blog award, woot, woot! I thought you should have one too! You don't have to accept it, I just wanted you to know your blog is GREAT!

  2. Hi Annika! Yup -- I just put the group up on the wall over the weekend and will post a photo after I share the birch and the ginkgo leaves!

    And thanks so much for including me in your fun 7x7 post!

  3. Nice to scroll through and see all the clever things you have made. I can't believe you did all those beautiful red ribbon buttons! Thanks for visiting me, lovely to meet you.