Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jasmine tree ornament

I had so much fun stitching up this jasmine flower Christmas tree ornament earlier this week!

I really enjoyed making this because it was a multi-step project. First, I shot the photo of the jasmine flower, over a year ago when we were on vacation in Spain. Here's that original photo:

Then I cropped the photo to make it round:

I wanted the ornament to actually have the scent of jasmine, so I mixed up some jasmine essential oil...

...with some cellulose fiber fixative, which absorbs the scent of the essential oil, making the scent last longer in a project. 

I printed my cropped photo on some photo fabric that can be put right through the computer printer:

And then I stitched my photo fabric onto the felt, which I embellished with embroidery. Once the embroidery was done, I sewed the front and back pieces together with a little blanket stitch, and stuffed the inside with my jasmine-scented fixative and some fiber fill. Here are some more photos I took before wrapping it up and giving it away today:

I've got several more ornaments underway at the moment, and will reveal them here sometime soon. Happy holidays!

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  1. That printable fabric is so cool! Love this ornament, especially the tiny gold blossoms at the back! Great idea!