Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cross-stitch valentine card!

We're big Valentine's Day fans in our house; not only is it my birthday, but it was my mom's birthday too! I really enjoy having a birthday on a day when so many other people are in a sweet, loving, generous mood.

Steven is a graphic designer, and that means he appreciates nice paper goods more than the average Valentine. So I wanted to make sure that I deliver something really special for him this year. I started out by stitching up the sweet redwork and cross-stitch heart above. (I found this pattern here.)

I stitched the red cross-stitch border directly onto my cardstock by hand, and then I finished the edge with a little machine zig-zag stitch. This came out a little less even than I would have liked, but I thought it wasn't a bad result for my first time stitching on paper. Mom always taught me to keep the back of my work neat, and I actually succeeded on this piece:

I'm very excited to give this to Steven today! Happy Valentine's Day, sweethearts!


  1. Hi,
    I came her via Sue, a longtime favorite and bloggy friend.
    Beautiful work and such a sweet gift. I so admire anyone who can do this as I lack the patience and the talent!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Happy, happy Birthday and happy Valentine's Day, too! That card is so cute, I am sure Steven will like it!