Monday, February 18, 2013

Birthday fun

If you have followed me in the last few days on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr or Tumblr, you've seen that I have been celebrating my birthday since Thursday by gallivanting around the Hudson Valley sitting around fireplaces, doing fun stuff outdoors, and drinking every cocktail I could get my hands on (yum, yum, and yum).

I've had an amazing time! I'm back home today and the fun has continued as I finally added the storage space I have been dreaming of to Fourteen Countess HQ. I'm so excited to have all my craft gear organized and at my fingertips! (And it was a relief to unpack my books that were stowed away in the basement since we moved here nearly four years ago.)

I hope you will stay tuned to see some of the fruits that will come out of my new and improved craft room!


  1. And all weekend, I've been trying to figure out when your birthday actually is. As I still don't know, I'm gonna wish you a very happy belated (?) birthday!

    1. Well your confusion is understandable -- I was running around celebrating for four entire days. :) It was the 14th -- Valentine's Day! *And* it was a big birthday -- I am *40*. I thought I would be freaked out by 40 but I am actually really savoring it. Thanks for the happy wishes!