Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mad Men Season Six Premiere Party -- Mod Earring Make-Over!

We were so very excited last Sunday when Mad Men finally returned to the air with the season six premiere!

We had seen some advance photos from episodes 1-2 so we knew we'd find the Drapers in Hawaii when the new season opened up. This gave us the perfect excuse to have a few friends over for a Mad Men viewing party, luau-style!

I'll share the fabulous vintage Hawaiian muu-muu that I scored in my next post, but first I thought I'd highlight the fun earrings that I pulled together for the event. Since Mad Men is firmly in the late 1960s now, we've got some more mod fashion elements coming into view. I was loving some of the dangly earrings that we saw in season five, such as this pair worn by Cynthia Cosgrove in episode five:

For weeks I was on the HUNT to find something similar to wear at our viewing party! I had just about given up, and then the day before the party, I came across just the thing while browsing one of the antique shops in town. Here's how they looked before:

I instantly loved the shape of these earrings, but I wasn't feeling the color or the worn off paint. And there's just something a little icky about wearing used pierced earrings, right? No problem! I bought them for a couple dollars and brought them home for a make-over. First step was to remove the used earring findings:

I knew that I wanted white earrings so a paint job was next. I wired the earrings so they dangled off our workbench:

And gave them a spritz of white paint that we already had leftover from an earlier project:

I let them dry overnight, and then pulled out some new earring hooks, also from my craft stash:

And here's the finished look:

Aren't they fun? Soon I'll share the muumuu that I made over for the party, along with the big old late-60s hairdo that I teased and sprayed into place for the night. I better run; the next episode of Mad Men is on in a little while!

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  1. I remember my mom had that 60's beehive teased up big hair when I was little. I remember being about 6 or 7 and asked her to do mine too, but what I really remember most that it was so tangled after and took a long time and lots of owies to comb it all out of my super fine hair. I never asked for that hairdo again.