Monday, February 8, 2010

A bit of a floss fanatic

We moved last year, and after thirteen years of kicking around in teensy Manhattan apartments, it's pretty marvelous to finally have enough room for all our stuff. For so long, I only hauled my craft projects out at the holidays because I couldn't stand to have them strewn about my living space the rest of the time.

The only craft supplies that I've always managed to keep in really good order are my cross-stitch floss caddies. I've got two of them. One is pretty full:

And the other one is still growing, with some metallic threads and buttons thrown in for special projects:

I've got them organized according to their DMC floss numbers, so it's super-easy to figure out which colors I have on hand and which ones I need to pick up when I start a new project. And since I'm doing my own designs these days, I can easily browse my stash when I'm brainstorming to see what will work for what I have in mind. Whenever I buy a new color, I wind it on a bobbin and add it to the caddy where it belongs.

That reminds me... I'm in the market for a rich dark brown floss... any suggestions?

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