Sunday, February 28, 2010


Did you see my previous post about our house?

Well, here's how it looked on Friday morning after the blizzard passed through:

Can you believe the size of that tree? We're told she's a white oak (or at least she was, until she went through the chipper today). She fell on the power lines connected to our house, and was so massive that she pulled down this utility pole, pretty much snapping it like a toothpick:

I really wish that the storm had afforded me the chance to curl up inside to stitch away the weekend. But between the endless snow shoveling, the power outage, and dealing with insurance and tree removal stuff, I barely crossed a stitch in the last three days! I'll be back to my commute tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have something to share sometime soon. I hope you're warm and tree-free where you are!

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  1. Woe...guess it could have been so much worse! Too bad you couldn't stitch. Crazy good pics though!