Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More springtime blooms

This last weekend was so gorgeous here in Beacon! We spent the better part of Easter Sunday enjoying the fresh air and working in our yard. In between yanking weeds and hauling mulch, I took a few moments to capture some of the new blooms around our house.

These first two photos are of the Forsythia bush in our neighbor's yard. This bush was smashed under a ton of snow when the huge storm hit back in February. I'm thrilled to see how it has bounced back since then:

This Eastern Red Bud tree doesn't look very exciting right now, but before the month of April is over, it will be blanketed in the most gorgeous purplish flowers. I'll be sure to post new photos when it's in full blossom.

I can never remember the name of the shrubs that grow on the side of our house, but their buds came out this week as well:

I hope the lovely weather holds so we can get back out and enjoy our yard again this weekend!

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