Sunday, April 11, 2010

Second Saturday

Last night was Second Saturday, and Steven and I had an excellent evening out on Beacon's Main Street.

First we treated ourselves to dinner at Cafe Amarcord. My goat cheese and beet terrine appetizer was so pretty that I snapped a photo of it. You can see Steven's creepy octopus starter in the background.

Next we stopped by the Superfood Citizen Cafe, which was having its opening. We were still stuffed from dinner but we made room to try the yummy "Eartha Kitt" chocolate truffles. Me-oww!

Our final stop was the fabulous opening reception for Polly M. Law's Word Project which was held at Hudson Beach Glass. Polly's work is inspired by odd and obscure words, which she illustrates using a bricolage style. I was amazed by the fine details in Polly's work and the incredible expressions on her characters' faces. You really have to see her work in person to appreciate how wonderful it is, but here's one of the pieces that I especially enjoyed to whet your appetite:


As a needleworker, I loved Polly's illustration of the word "thrums" which had some lovely chain-stitch in it. (Thrums: a. The fringe of warp threads left on a loom after the cloth has been cut off. b. One of these threads. via

I can't find a photo of "Thrums" online, so you'll just have to stop by the show before it closes on April 27 to check it out in person!

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