Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

This mother's day, I am really fortunate to have two very wonderful moms to celebrate with: my mother-in-law Lisa, and my sister-in-law Sue.

Today I'm giving each of them some cross-stitched button magnets for their mother's day gifts. I had so much fun coming up with magnet designs that make me think of them and reflect some things they like.

My mother-in-law Lisa is about as addicted to playing solitaire on the computer as I am to messing around with my blog! This was the first design I made for her:

I can't remember all the details, but an imaginary bug features in the story of the night Lisa met my father-in-law, Jack. Over the years of their marriage, Jack has given her some very cute bug-themed mementoes, so I decided that one of her magnets should be a little Japanese beetle. I used this photo as a model:

photo via:

Japanese beetles feasted on our hedges last summer; I hope they leave our leaves alone this year! Even though they're very destructive in our yard, I can't help finding their shiny green and coppery-colored bodies kind of beautiful.

I also made her a flower magnet, using the same fabric that I used in my spring-time give-away back in March:

I was also really excited to put together some designs for my sister-in-law, Sue. Sue writes a terrific blog about fashion and style called The Zhush. I decided that her blog banner was a phenomenal subject for a magnet. Here's her banner:

Isn't all that purple so much fun? Here's the cross-stitch version:

On the Zhush, Sue has a weekly feature called the "Random Chanel Item," where she posts these incredible photos of all kinds of crazy things with Chanel logos on them, from topiary to footballs to cupcakes! Here's where Chanel meets cross-stitch:

And a flower for Sue as well:

And here they are all wrapped up:

I'm so lucky to spend today with these very special ladies and the rest of my husband's family. Happy Mother's Day, everybody!


  1. Shel, We are the lucky ones! LOVE my Mother's Day gifts so much! You are so talented and creative. Thanks again!!!

  2. PS: Taking the concept of BLOG button to a whole nother level!

  3. I love every one of these little treasures..I am big are they??

  4. @Sue: Ooh! Love the blog button! How fabulous!

    @Kathy: Thanks! They are 1 1/8 inch (size 45) buttons.

  5. Good Morning! Etsy shop needed...just saying!