Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sassy's summer style

I've included photos of my amazing cat Sassy on previous posts (here and here), but I fear I have so far failed to make a proper introduction. Let's remedy that today, shall we?

Sassy is six years old, and from the look of him, we believe he's a Maine Coon mix of some kind (he was originally found as a kitten in a barn in Pennsylvania, I believe). Weighing in at about 15 pounds, Sassy is actually on the smaller size as Maine Coons go. His real name is actually Sasquatch, after his huge paws.

In the cooler weather, Sassy prefers to wear his hair nice and long, like in this shot from Thanksgiving day last year:

But each year as the weather gets warmer, I take him in for a nice cool summer haircut. Today was a big day at our house because it was grooming day for Sassy. We had him groomed by the lovely folks over at D'Tails Grooming Salon, just a few minutes away from us in Beacon.

Isn't he handsome? You know, in a freakishly naked, Dr. Suess-character-looking kind of way. Each year I miss his pretty coat when we have him groomed, but I'm always glad that he's not sweltering when the warm weather comes. And since we're country folk now, this makes for easier tick detection, too!

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