Monday, September 27, 2010

Blumenthal Gallery, Post Number 2

Here's another beautiful painting done by a member of my husband's family. This one, which hangs in our dining room, is by his Grandma Bertha:

I love the warm tones in this piece, which match so nicely with the golden light we often get in the room where this hangs. And I'm a huge fan of this kind of folk painting, which Grandma Moses, who began painting in her seventies after a career in embroidery, is famous for.


  1. I love this painting. I am also a fan of Grandma Moses and I had no idea that she was an "embroideress"...this painting would translate beautifully in thread.

  2. @froogal: We actually visited a collection of Grandma Moses works at the Bennington Museum in Vermont a couple of years ago, and that's when I first learned that she had worked in embroidery before she became a painter. She's quite an inspiration!