Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Upcycled Curtains

When we moved into our house last year, the previous homeowners had left some red, roman shades hanging in our bedroom. I don't have photos of the actual shades, but they looked like this:

I liked them, but they didn't look right with our stuff, so I took them down. They weren't in the best shape, so I knew we'd never hang them again exactly as they were. But they were made of a really nice red, twill fabric, so I tore them apart, laundered the fabric,  which came out looking like new, and stuck it into my craft stash for a rainy day.

Steven recently asked me if I could throw together some curtains for a window in his graphic design studio, and I thought this fabric might work out nicely for that. And here's how they turned out:

We originally bought a cafe rod to hang the curtains on this door, and then we realized that would require us to drill through the door's metal casing. This felt like a pain in the neck, because we're pretty sure all of our drill bits are made of carbon steel, which isn't good for drilling through metal. Steven started wondering if we could create some kind of a rod using magnets, to adhere to the metal door. To my amazement, at my next trip to my new favorite store, I found a magnetic curtain rod for $8 that was the perfect size! Here's a close-up of the rod, sticking to the door:

After living in our house for 16 months, maybe we'll finally get around to putting window treatments on all the windows after all!

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