Friday, October 1, 2010

Blumenthal Gallery, Post Number 3

Today in the Blumenthal Gallery I'm going to feature our most recent acquisition, another painting by my father-in-law, Jack:

This one also hangs in our dining room. I love the warm tones and the way it feels like the sun is just coming up on a beautiful new day. Here's my favorite section of the painting:

"Juan Flora del Valle" -- does this sound familiar? Juan = Jack, and Blumenthal?

blumenthal Name Meaning and History

Jewish (Ashkenazic) and Swedish: ornamental name composed of German Blumen ‘flowers’ + Thal (now spelled Tal) ‘valley’.

from (

Blumenthal = flowers of the valley = Flora del Valle! Genius!


  1. What a wonderful little hidden message. Love this painting...I hope you have more to show!

  2. Thanks, @froogal! I *do* have some more to show-- stay tuned! :)